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CRF Design


Design CRF's for Advanced EDC Systems


PharmaVigilant's CRF Design


PharmaVigilant can design the Sponsors CRF's from a final protocol. We can fully utilize the robust capabilities of our system during this design phase of the CRF's.  Furthermore, we can design CRF's for not only data capture and cleaning, but for reporting as well. This provides a significant improvement over standard designs.

Say Goodbye to Paper Systems

When CRF designs that emulate older paper systems are provided by third parties, the design does not fully take advantage of all of the latest data cleaning processes, notification triggers, or work flow enhancements that are available on systems as new as PharmaVigilant's InSpire System. PharmaVigilant can normally complete protocols and design the annotated CRFs and edit checks in 1-2 weeks with one round of review.  Our CRF designs streamline the export process in order to meet SDTM or CDASH requirements.    When working with Sponsors over multiple studies, we maintain the annotation and forms that have already been developed to enable the most efficient downstream processing of data from the CRFs.

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