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Trial Execution

Providing top of the line maintenance & product support


  • A suite of cutting edge products
  • comprehensive study definition process
  • Four week build cycle


PharmaVigilant understands that as the cost of clinical trials rise, the demand to quickly deliver an efficient integrated solution increases.  PharmaVigilant offers a suite of cutting edge products designed to streamline the application build and implementation process. Once the study has been deployed, the same tools are used to provide efficient and cost effective amendment changes during the course of the trial life cycle.


Study Definition:

The key to our success and client satisfaction is a comprehensive study definition process that adheres to all regulatory guidance's. Our solutions are implemented using our Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC), as well as adherence to our organizations Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and extensive Work Instructions (WI). Our success is built on a strong foundation in project management, detailed and structured specifications, industry experience and a dedicated team to build your study or program.


Design and Development:

PharmaVigilant has consistently delivered a four week build cycle for all or our clients, due to our efficient project management, highly skilled software engineers, PharmaVigilant's Study Builder                  (I-Builder™), and highest standards on Quality Assurance in the industry. We do not release a study for User Acceptance Testing unless there are no known issues, and it adheres 100% to the study specification document. These ensure both quick turnaround on th part of the UAT staff, and high Sponsor confidence at the point of Go Live.


Maintenance and Support:

Making sure that active and successful client relationships are maintained following the deployment of your study is extremely important to PharmaVigilant.  In addition to the business relationships we value, PharmaVigilant is also committed to providing top of the line maintenance and product support over the course of your clinical trial.  Product upgrades, data migrations, data imports, and customizable Help Desk support all ensure that your trial will receive the most up-to-date technology and study support.


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