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Flexible training programs for your specific needs


  • On-Site Training
  • Web-Based Training
  • Train the Trainer Program


PharmaVigilant provides superior customer service by standardizing our training program to map to the IACET Standard for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  This guarantees that Sponsors, end-users and PharmaVigilant employees are trained in a consistent manner, ensuring student mastery of subject matter.

Clients use our suite of products in different ways depending on their roles. That's why PharmaVigilant's training venues offer flexible solutions to align our expertise with the specific needs of a variety of users:


On-Site Training

On-Site trainings walk users through PharmaVigilant's systems using a training site that is identical to the client's customized live site, providing a real-life environment for the most effective learning.  Users are trained on the basics of the system via a slide presentation, followed by an interactive live demonstration tailored to the specific needs of a variety of users.   A question and answer session concludes the training.

On-Site trainings can be provided at sponsor's location, a CRO's facility, or during an investigator meeting. 


Web-Based Training

Web-Based Trainings are used for both initial and supplemental training at a remote location.  Users call into a conference line, and PharmaVigilant instructors use an online screen-share demonstration to walk users through the system.  


Train the Trainer Programs

Train the Trainer Program provides a program for both sponsors and CRO's who wish to establish         in-house training programs. This training is typically more extensive, enabling clients to seamlessly incorporate PharmaVigilant training into their existing training processes.  To ensure optimum understanding of our software, PharmaVigilant's trainers are used as a support function for sponsor or CRO trainers while in the field.


Certificates and course materials including Learner's Guides are provided to all training session attendees.

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