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Study Close

Structured and efficient procedures



  • Industry leading Customer Service
  • Detailed End of Study Reports
  • Client visibility via I-Vault PM


The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of PharmaVigilant's study close procedures assist you in accelerating the analysis needed prior to submission.


Customer Service

PharmaVigilant offers industry leading customer service in your study close procedures.  PharmaVigilant provides a structured and efficient approach in closing your study ensuring your receipt of all close-out deliverables and documentation is achieved in an expedited manner.  Our regulated and standardized practices provide you with archived results of all clinical or eTMF data with comprehensive audit and query trails.


End of Study Reports 

End of study exports can be provided 1 business day following database lock.  PharmaVigilant can provide end of study archives in PDF and CDISC ODM formats, both available within 30 business days from database lock.  All of your study's deliverables are provided in a user-friendly format through a secure medium of the client's choice.


I-Vault PM

I-Vault PM also provides the client visibility into all PharmaVigilant documentation surrounding the build, validation, deployment, and maintenance of all study deliverables.


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