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Consulting Services
Key Performance Indicator of Success

Consulting services are an integral component of every successful solution. System design, although the foundation of every project, needs to be supplemented with the future direction of both the project and client. This ensures that the base project is scaled and supported to handle future growth. Consulting services span the assessment (planning stage), implementation (design/build/validation), and Operational (on-going support post deployment) phases of the project. The high level of detail incorporated into our consulting services ensures that the clients have an identifiable roadmap for existing and future projects.


The four pillars of consulting are:

1) Assessment                                                            2) Process Maps

- Existing Designs                                                             - Existing process maps

- Project Plan                                                                    - New Design

- Timelines                                                                        - New Process maps

- Budgets                                                                          - Change Matrix

- SOP's/Work Instructions

3) Risk Assessment                                                    4) Project Plan

- Disruption Report                                                           - Outsourced/Turnkey

- Service Providers (all)                                                    - Tech Transfer