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Virtual Mountain
Digital Data Repository

Virtual Mountain™

                Empowering Clinical Research


The current state of the industry's clinical data valence is low, due to distributed databases, and siloed repositories. The industry continues to store their data in Iron Mountain type facilities, without a path forward to digitalization. Existing paper data can not be linked or easily accessed, while dated electronic formats degrade on the shelves, heading towards benign destruction. The current path is predicated on hope, instead of preparedness.

 The overwhelming majority of the data remains unstructured, with antiquated transport utilities, further limiting its use and value.

Virtual Mountain (VM) is a digital data repository developed for the healthcare industry, with its design conforming to regulatory guidelines since inception. VM can support all types of data, and has secure search capabilities enabling all users to easily access, share and search their data. VM enables you to easily transform unstructured data into structured data. VM's multi-tenet design enables you to bring your own standards (BYOS), while allowing other users to maintain their own standards, while sharing data access. This enables technology to adjudicate standards issue that impede clinical research.

The foundation of VM is embedded in three distinct phases:

  1. Diagnostics - consulting identifies the data, existing formats, and size of the initial VM environment. In many instances the data valence (linkages) is low due to the current state of the data. This phase identifies the valence that will be identified to significantly improve the access and value of the data

  2. Rollout preparation-. The second phase, is the physical build out of the system. In this phase, system build, listing tool configuration, and cloud hosting configurations (centralized, or regionalized) as determined by the client are finalized, configured, and validated

  3. Operations - The final phase, operation deploys the system globally, ensuring data security at the user level. In this phase, training (video, group, and or personalized) ensures that users access the data that improves both their corporate effectiveness, and their personal job satisfaction.

Virtual Mountain enables individuals, departments, divisions and companies, the ability to cost effectively access their data in real time, from any location globally. Organizations will now have a competitive advantage to create higher value data from the vast quantities of raw data that they currently have, and generate daily.