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The Industry's First Integrated and Adaptive CTMS

Clinical Trial Management Systems are a critical component to managing the conduct of a study and or program. PharmaVigilant's CTMS system is integrated and adaptive due to it ability to be configurable. This is an important factor when making a CTMS decision. Clinical trials and programs differ by therapeutic area, phase, and location. As trials mature, key performance indicators (KPI's) should also naturally shift to align with new milestones and goals. Enrollment KPI's are critically important in the beginning phases of a trial, however diminish as the milestones are achieved. KPI tabs can be inserted and hidden as required to focus emphasis on clinical variables that need to be reviewed and analyzed.

Below is a chart that identifies the date of the visit, as well as the date the data was entered into the system. This identifies the data lag of getting the data into the system for review and analysis. If system data is dated, it limits the ability to take corrective action, hence errors are repeated, and not corrected.



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