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Cross Trial Reporting  Tool


  • Receive analytics across multiple trials
  • Export data on demand
  • Customize charts and graphs
  • Unlimited downloads available 24x7


PharmaVigilant's Ad Hoc Reporting Tool is the industry's only commercially available clinical data reporting engine that supports multiple trial reporting. This module provides users with unlimited access to all data that has been generated throughout the clinical development program. All data from trials run with InSpire EDC are exported nightly into this central data repository for access the next morning.


Data on Demand

The Data On Demand button allows users with the proper permissions  to download updated SAS or SDTM datasets with the push of a button.   

Unparalleled access to clinical trial data 

  • Data exports in Excel, SAS, or CDISC ODM/SDTM formats
  • Custom exports upon request
  • Unlimited Downloads 24x7
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Unlimited Access to the Cross Reporting Engine


The Ad Hoc Reporting Tool provides users with the ability to run ad-hoc reports on any metadata fields captured within the InSpire EDC system or other systems. 


Optimize your clinical trial data

The tool allows users to dynamically query their study data and generate unlimited customized reports.  Users can specify selection criteria and output fields, optimizing and filtering their search results and refining the desired data. 

  • Sort data by subject or across subjects
  • Save reports and search criteria
  • Regenerate unlimited reports
  • Create graphical summaries of report data
  • Export reports in Excel or date/time stamped PDF documents

This invaluable system for regulatory reporting, ongoing safety assessment, and submission requires no regulatory, safety or clinical programming experience. 

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