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Key Products Overview

Integrated Solution

  • PharmaVigilant's Integrated Solution is an end-to-end proven solution that takes control - for the sponsor. Sites transfer their data entry tasks to PharmaVigilant's experienced data specialists to ensure highly accurate entries in a minimum turnaround time.

InSpire EDC


  • I-Warehouse is the industry's first commercially available data warehouse, providing analytics across multiple trials.

I-Vault3 eTMF

I-Vault rSDV

Software Administration

  • The Software Administration tool simplifies study start up, versioning and on-going maintenance for sponsor's complete portfolio of studies.


  • I-Builder creates and validates study builds, reducing the time it takes to build a trial.


  • PaySite improves site relations and satisfaction with easy automated site payment offering detailed reporting and reducing the time it takes for sites to receive payment.

Drug Accountability

  • Drug Accountability is a system that efficiently tracks and controls drug inventory and randomization, with a QR code feature that allows clients to access inventory status immediately through their smartphones.

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