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Company History

PharmaVigilant was started in 2005 with the intent to revolutionize the clinical trial industry. Our goal was to acquire and develop software products and companies that could significantly improve the Research and Development processes within the Pharmaceutical industry.


We embarked on the development of a truly integrated software platform with the largest industry footprint. The integrated solution would start at the enrollment process with site initiation, with a fully functional electronic Trial Master File System (I-Vault - eTMF).  It would continue through trial conduct, utilizing state of the art integrated software (InSpire- EDC) imbedding IWRS, Adaptive Trial Design, Data Capture, Query Generation/Reconciliation, Autocoding, and a  Safety System automatically linking AE's/SAE's and ConMeds - eliminating the need and cost associated with reconciliation. The information would seamlessly integrate into a data warehouse enabling multiple trials to be reviewed and analyzed. Remote Monitoring would be added via the use of technology (I-Vault rSDV), improving the quality as well as significantly reducing the cost to the industry. 


The time required to build and deploy studies needed to be reduced to 4 weeks or less in order to address the entire clinical trial market. Consequently, PharmaVigilant's integrated solution is the most advanced in the industry. PharmaVigilant continues to provide technical solutions and support to further streamline the Research and Development process within the healthcare industry.

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