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User Experience 

A User Friendly Experience for Sites and Sponsors


PharmaVigilant's Integrated Interfaces


PharmaVigilant eliminates 8-10 different interfaces for sites and sponsors.  Instead of having to remember 8-10 different passwords and going to multiple websites, all functions are provided within the PharmaVigilant suite of products. 


What Do Sites Appreciate About the PharmaVigilant Experience?

  • Sites appreciate how easy our systems are to use and that everything is in one place.  From the portal for site feasibility to I-Vault for fast documents posting with electronic signatures, to having all their data to make clinical decision in one place, PharmaVigilant has designed a system to make the entire process easier for sites.
  • Sites appreciate remote SDV because they get immediate feedback on the data they have entered.  Onsite monitoring visits are shorter, less frequent and totally focused on the needs of the sites. 

  • Sites appreciate the site payment reports.  If data are entered by the end of the month, they know they can receive payment in less than two weeks. 

  • Sites appreciate that SAEs are automatically reported when they enter the data into the EDC.  All documentation for SAEs is loaded into I-Vault.  Reporting and documenting reports to IRBs can also be much easier and more efficient with the use of I-Vault.

The PharmaVigilant system is designed to make the entire development process more efficient for all users, regardless of the roles.  Communication is facilitated and "hand offs" across different departments within an organization are much easier with a common system available for all users.  The access and visibility to data and documents are controlled by role.  You see only what you need to see.

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