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PharmaVigilant provides hosting services for all of our clients via a trusted third party hosting company, SunGard, when conducting ASP trials.


Hosting Services

SunGard hosts PharmaVigilant's numerous Web sites, applications, and databases on Dell platforms in a 64 bit environment. Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database Server in conjunction with Microsoft Enterprise Server are the platform software driving the system.


The production server environments are configured in RAID 5 distribution as well as racked using Oracle's OAS and Oracle DB software. This provides a double redundancy at the server level. Separate servers are maintained and backed up daily for image data. The servers have built in redundant power sources, as well as external power redundancy at the hosting facility. SunGard has designed Internet connections to insure continuous access to all Web-enabled application maintaining a 99% up-time average for our servers.


All components within the Data Center are monitored for availability 24x7x365. SunGard also monitors the services running on specific servers. Tools used for monitoring include OpenView, CiscoWorks, Insight Manager and Open Manage.


Website Monitoring

SunGard provides web site hosting and monitoring of external web sites. When predefined thresholds are reached, service alerts are sent and the appropriate action is taken. The SunGard Operations staff has the ability to access the Web site from outside the firewall to assist in problem determination/resolution.


Administration of Server Hardware

SunGard has extensive experience in supporting Dell equipment. All production hardware is under vendor maintenance. In the event of a hardware outage, the vendor is contacted and the equipment failure is identified and corrected.


SunGard will contact PharmaVigilant and keep them informed throughout the outage process. SunGard has redundant servers available in case of equipment failure. This enables back up's if needed to be performed within the specified time allotment.


Backup and Restore Procedures

SunGard performs daily, weekly, and monthly backups of all data housed within the Data Center. The backups are taken daily to an offsite tape storage facility for disaster recovery purposes.


Backup software such as Legato, Veritas NetBackup, Omniback, and ARCServe are utilized within the Data Center on a daily basis. SunGard has expertise in the above mentioned backup solutions to perform all backups and restores required by the client.


When implementing a server for a client, the appropriate backup software is installed by SunGard prior to release of the server to production. SunGard will perform all maintenance on the backup and software database.


Disaster Recovery Plan

PharmaVigilant maintains a Disaster Recovery Plan, should a catastrophic situation arise. PharmaVigilant annually tests the Disaster Recovery Plan.


Remote Connectivity

SunGard provides redundant access to the internet, using independent connections through multiple providers. This protects our servers from a failure of any single major internet provider, keeping customer web sites online even during major disruptions in the internet.


Help Desk Support

SunGard provides an 800 number to the Data Center Help Desk. The Help Desk is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Help Desk is the first level of service provided by the Data Center. The Help Desk is backed by a full staff of system administrators, network engineers, and others who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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