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 Automate your site payments


  • Reduce the time it takes for sites to receive payment
  • Improve site relations and satisfaction
  • Motivate the rate of recruitment






PaySite improves site relations and satisfaction with easy automated site payment offering detailed reporting and reducing the time it takes for sites to receive payment.  

Motivate Recruitment Speed and Data Entry

PaySite compensates sites based on the data they have entered into the system (at the time interval and compensation level determined by the Sponsor).  This serves to motivate the rate of recruitment and data entry.

The rules for payment may include:

  • Patient enrollment
  • Specific data item entered (no limitation or combination)  
  • A number or grouping of data entered

PaySite generates reports providing detailed investigator or site level information to ensure site satisfaction and regulatory compliance. A letter is generated for each recipient outlining what they were paid, and why they were paid. This level of transparency enhances site/sponsor/CRO relationships and results. .


Payment details:

  • Payment is made from an escrow account at sponsors request
  • Payment can be converted to any currency


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