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InSpire for Sponsors

Course Name:

InSpire for Sponsors


Course Duration:

8 hours


CEU Credits:




InSpire Course Instructor


Course Description:

InSpire is an industry leading electronic data capture (EDC) system designed to address the evolving complexities of pharmaceutical data collection. In this course, through a combination of lecture, tutorials, and hands-on activities, you will possess the knowledge and fundamental skills to efficiently and effectively navigate and utilize the InSpire EDC system in order proficiently audit the progress of a clinical trial.



Introduction and Overview for Clients


Maximum Number of Attendees

Instructor-Led training classroom: 10


Course Objectives:

Upon completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Search for casebooks within the Casebook Selection Page
  • Utilize the Navigation Buttons to move through InSpire visits and forms
  • Create a Casebook
  • Create events within the Schedule of Events
  • Complete data entry
  • Fire, Resolve and Approve queries
  • Identify different form statuses
  • Promote forms through the review process
  • Create status reports with Listing Tool
  • Differentiate between Form View, Query View and Audit View
  • Identify  Flow Control on a form and why it is used
  • Identify which users use the Freeze and Lock option
  • Determine when to use the Freeze and Lock option
  • Describe the AutoCoding process
  • Interpret the data in the Audit trail


Learning Expectations:

Participants will work on a training version of the actual InSpire system.
Participants will also complete activities and tutorials designed to facilitate learning.



Learners will be assessed at the conclusion of the course:

  • A written, multiple choice exam is administered.
  • A pass rate of 90% is required for successful completion.
  • Participant must attend 100% of the course to receive full CEU credits.
  • Missed content can be completed within one week of the originally scheduled course. 
  • Completion of the Course and Instructor Evaluation form is required at course end.

Certificate/ CEU

A Certificate of Completion containing the number of CEU's earned will be issued at the successful passing of course. 


Learner Support:

Questions may be directed to:
PVU Administrator
Phone: (508) 475-4202
Fax: (508) 898-0005


Learning Facility Address:

Will be provided.


Required Documents:

Registration form