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October 24, 2013 PharmaVigilant Releases I-Vault3 CenterWatch
October 21, 2013 PharmaVigilant Releases I-Vault3 Applied Clinical Trials
March 21, 2013 PharmaVigilant Releases I-Vault (eTMF), Version 2.7 Applied Clinical Trials
December 14, 2012 PharmaVigilant Unveils New Data Loading Approach Pharmaceutical Business Review
December 14, 2012 PharmaVigilant Releases I-Batch: I-Vault eTMF's Batch Uploader Applied Clinical Trials
December 7, 2012 PharmaVigilant Unveils New Drug Accountability System Pharmaceutical Business Review
December 6, 2012 PharmaVigilant Releases I-Accountability to Enhance Efficiency and Traceability of Clinical Trial Inventory Applied Clinical Trials
June 26, 2012 DIA Update: BioClinica, Clinical Ink and PharmaVigilant CEOs map future of electronic clinical trials Fierce Biotech IT
October 3, 2011 PharmaVigilant Sets New Technology Bar for Industry with Introduction of New I-Vault eTMF Solution Fierce Biotech
September 28, 2011 PharmaVigilant Introduces New I-Vault eTMF Solution Applied Clinical Trials
August 30, 2011 PharmaVigilant Introduces I-Monitor Pharmaceutical Business Review
May 2, 2011 2011 ACRP Annual Award Winners Association of Clinical Research Professionals
March 16, 2011 Taking the Leap: How the economic downturn has created the best opportunity for innovation in decades Contract Pharma
January 24, 2011 PharmaVigilant Releases I-Warehouse 3.0 for Enhanced Data Storage and Reporting Fierce Biotech IT
January 2011 Tools of the Trade: Social Monitoring Insights PharmaVoice
November/December 2010 Transforming R&D PharmaVoice
October 2010 The eTMF Movement - An Industry-wide Responsibility DIA Global Forum
October 28, 2010 PharmaVigilant retunes EDC system for global trials PharmaTimes
October 27, 2010 PharmaVigilant upgrades InSpire EDC system to support multiple languages Pharmaceutical Business Review
October 1, 2010 PharmaVigilant bolsters site payment system Fierce Biotech IT
September 24, 2010 Not-So-Standard Operating Procedures Drug Discovery & Development
August 1, 2010 Electronic Trial Master Files Drug Discovery & Development
July/August 2010 Tilting in a new direction PharmaTimes
July 27, 2010 PharmaVigilant Enhances eTMF System Functionality Applied Clinical Trials
July 2, 2010 DIA Round-Up Applied Clinical Trials
July 19, 2010 PharmaVigilant Partners with Boston Interactive to Create a Modern and Global Web Presence Boston Interactive PR
April 28, 2010 Oracle and Phase Forward Applied Clinical Trials
March 3, 2010 Data Warehouses:  The Future of Pharma Applied Clinical Trials
February 7, 2010 Imaging integration boosts trial data system Fierce Biotech IT
January 2010 An Interview with James DeSanti, CEO CenterWatch
December 7, 2009 PharmaVigilant:  Quest to Demystify Clinical Trial Management eCliniqua
December 2009 rSDV:  A Sponsor Perspective


November 12, 2009 Not Just Another EDC Vendor

 Applied Clinical Trials


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